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ScienceOpen offers content hosting, context building and marketing services for publishers. See our tailored offerings

  • For academic publishers to promote journals and interdisciplinary collections
  • For open access journals to host journal content in an interactive environment
  • For university library publishing to develop new open access paradigms for their scholars
  • For scholarly societies to promote content with interactive features
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ScienceOpen offers state-of-the-art technology and a range of solutions and services

  • For faculties and research groups to promote and share your work
  • For 小语加速器安卓版官方 to build up your own branding for OA publications
  • For 小语加速器安卓版官方 to develop new open access publishing paradigms
  • For university libraries to create an independent OA publishing environment
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Make an impact and build your research profile in the open with ScienceOpen

  • Search and discover relevant research in over 63 million Open Access articles and article records
  • Share your expertise and get credit by publicly reviewing any article
  • Publish your poster or preprint and track usage and impact with article- and author-level metrics
  • Create a topical Collection to advance your research field

As we publish more and more, discoverability, aggregation, and indexing remain important in the digital publishing landscape. Working with ScienceOpen has been a pleasure in this respect, allowing us to ensure that high-quality, open-access humanities research material reaches the broadest audiences.

Professor Martin Paul Eve, Birbkeck, University of London and co-CEO of the OLH

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Francesca Lake, Future Science OA, vol. 5

Collaborating with ScienceOpen was a pleasure. Their team was extremely responsive, ensuring that our journal, Neuronal Signaling, was represented as effectively as possible. Open science and sustainable open access form strong components of our objectives at Portland Press. Partnering with ScienceOpen helps us to share our journal’s outstanding research with even wider audiences, enabling broader conversation and engagement across the life science community.

Clare Curtis, Portland Press

The Microbiology Society has been working with ScienceOpen for a while – we see the platform as a way to raise the profile of our journals and collections, supplementing our own microbiologyresearch.org website. The ScienceOpen team have been adding new functionality pretty regularly, from content collections and the ‘Submit a manuscript’ button to the newest ‘super-collection’ option, and each of them adds value to our community.

Tasha Mellins-Cohen, Microbiology Society

Partnering with ScienceOpen offers Bioscientifica’s authors another avenue for their articles to be found and read. It also offers authors the ability to add further information to supplement their article, including lay summaries, additional images, colleague’s reviews, as well as quick social media sharing functionality. We hope that this collection allows our readers to find highly relevant endocrinology and reproduction articles, all free to read in one place.

Victoria Merriman, Marketing Manager at Bioscientifica


Author: scienceopenhome

Launching a new open access journal or an open access press? ScienceOpen now provides full end-to-end open access publishing solutions – embedded within our smart interactive discovery environment. A modular approach allows open access publishers to pick and choose among a range of services and design the platform that fits their goals and budget.

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